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November 3, 2012 at 6:20pm
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The New Aesthetic is an act of noticing, as much as anything: we are already in a machine-vision world, we are already in a world where the digital is erupting into the physical, and we just didn’t really notice it, in the entire breadth of its creeping wave, until now. From my perspective, James Bridle collected all this shit up from public sources, put it all in one place for the first time and said “oh, shit.” Some people had real issues, it seems, with what James did next, which was to say, “Let’s start talking about what this means.”

It could become an artistic movement. But, to me, the New Aesthetic is about the sighting of the New Normal.

— Warren Ellis on futurism, the New Aesthetic, and why social media isn’t killing our children | The Verge (via worsethandetroit)

(via worsethandetroit)


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